Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney For Peace Of Mind

Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney For Peace Of Mind

  • Understanding Bankruptcy Law: The Critical Role of a Bankruptcy Attorney

    Navigating bankruptcy can be likened to traversing a legal labyrinth without a map. With multifaceted rules, complex filings, and the potential for life-altering consequences — you need an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  Decoding Bankruptcy Beyond the Jargon First things first, bankruptcy is not a uniform, one-size-fits-all legal process. Its facets are as varied as the individuals and organizations seeking its refuge. From Chapter 7's liquidation process to Chapter 13's reorganization, the choices before you are pivotal life directions.

  • The Loss Of Property During Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: What To Know

    In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debtor's non-exempt personal property may be sold by the bankruptcy trustee to help pay off creditors. However, it's important to note that federal and state laws provide exemptions that protect certain types and amounts of property from being liquidated in bankruptcy. What Is Exempt Property? Exempt property is typically protected and cannot be taken by the trustee to satisfy debts. Common examples of exempt property may include a portion of the equity in a primary residence, a vehicle up to a certain value, necessary clothing, household goods, tools of the trade, retirement accounts, and certain public benefits.

  • Should You File For Bankruptcy To Avoid Foreclosure?

    When the foreclosure letters start arriving, you won't have a lot of time to determine a plan of action. Instead, you might scramble around trying to determine how to save your home. You'll need a different strategy if you don't have enough cash to pay your mortgage arrears. One option you might consider is bankruptcy. However, you might wonder if you should file for bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure. Here is a guide to help you answer this question.

  • Chapter 7: Say Goodbye To (Almost) All Your Debt

    When you file chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are choosing to use a generally efficient and quick manner of ridding yourself of debt. Almost all types of debts can be forgiven with chapter 7, however, all filers should understand that it has its limits. Read on for a quick summary of what you can expect with chapter 7 debt discharges and what may not be discharged. What Can be Discharged

  • How Do Exemptions Work In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

    One of the key aspects of maintaining a reasonable standard of living after completing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the exemption. Exemptions are available for certain assets, but you have to ask the court before they will grant you bankruptcy. Here's a look at what exemptions are available and how you can seek them. Practical Items A bankruptcy attorney will primarily focus on assets with practical value. If you own your primary residence outright, for example, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can ask the court to exempt it.

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Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney For Peace Of Mind

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